Longevity – The Radical New Science

Life expectancy has actually doubled since 1990. The panelists in this video talk about the outer limits of aging. How long can we live? How long do others want to live?

Can aging be slowed? Can it be stopped? Can it be eradicated like smallpox and other diseases that typically have a high mortality?

Sex And Other Stuff That Gives You A Boost

Gratitude keeps you young
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Sex is enjoyable

Believe it or not, sex is actually proven to be effective in making people look younger by seven years. Research says that sex cause people to have lower blood pressure and boost your immune system. Aside from that, endorphins which are released during sexual intercourse can make you feel at ease and could make it easier for you to sleep.

Positivity is the key

Having a positive outlook in life is effective in keeping us free from stress and depression. Optimistic people are most likely to live 7.5 years longer. For some people, having a reason to live and a reason to smile is a very good way to surpass all the challenges in life. Optimism is really a good attitude that brings out the best in people.

Don’t forget to be grateful

Last but not the least; you must never forget to acknowledge God (or, whatever you personally identify with). Gratitude to something outside yourself is essential.

Because in the first place, you wouldn’t be where you are now without him. Putting god as the center of your life will help you to walk on the right path. Research also found out that religion also has a positive effect on our different aspects in life. Especially in the emotional well-being of a person. Aiming for a younger face is not an easy task and to achieve it requires a great amount of effort and time. If you really wanted to maintain your flush of youth, then you should be willing to sacrifice yourself. You must put your heart in everything that you do. And besides, having a younger face will not be attained in just one night.

As much as possible, try to incorporate the following tips mentioned above in your lifestyle. Once you decide you wanted to achieve one thing, you must not stop. Do whatever it takes because you only live once and it’s better to live it without regrets.

Be Happy
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Foods With These Nutrients For Youthful Skin

Youthful Skin
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Most commonly found in sea foods, eggs, cereals, and eggs it is a mineral that some think helps fight skin disease such as skin cancer. It also preserves the elasticity of the tissues and slows down aging. There have been previous researches on animals regarding the use of selenium. The research shows that Selenium have been proven that it provides protection from UV damage.

Vitamin E

This is the most important antioxidant because it protects the cell membranes and protects the enzymes. Vitamin E comes from vegetable oils such as sunflower oils, oats, nuts, and grains. Research studies show that the use of vitamin E reduces the number of cancer causing cells and provides additional protection from the sun. Also, supplementation of Vitamin E in 400 mg can reduce the wrinkles and have a smoother skin texture.

Vitamin C

This is one of the most efficient antioxidants because it is very common in citrus fruits and some vegetables. Not only does Vitamin C keep your skin younger looking and smoother. It also prevents cells from being cancerous.

These are just some of the many anti-aging supplements that you can choose from. However, we must be really careful what to use. Our skin is a very sensitive part of our body and taking it for granted might only do harm for us. Before taking one of these supplements, you must first consult your dermatologist. You never know what these supplements can do to your skin. It is not a bad thing to want to look young but it is also better to be careful of all the things you use on your skin.

Common Cosmetic Surgery Options

Soft-Tissue Fillers Average cost: Ranges from $468 to $1,658, depending on the procedure

Having trouble with saggy skin? Then Soft-tissue fillers procedure will definitely solve your problem! As people get older, their faces sag and deflate. These injectable fillers restore the fullness of the face especially between your nose and in the corner of your mouth. According to surgeons most patients who undergo this procedure find the results to be appealing and attractive. However, there is one downside to this. At least once a year, you’ll have to repeat the procedure to maintain the fullness of your face.

Laser hair removal Average cost: $358

Facial hair may look good to a guy but never looks good on a lady. Imagine a beautiful girl with a very bearded face. Not good. However, you should not worry anymore. Laser hair removal uses beams of highly concentrated light to penetrate the hair follicles. The laser destroys the hair within the follicle. The procedure is very precise, and it doesn’t damage surrounding skin. The procedure has a high degree of success: 90 percent of the time, hair doesn’t come back after a treatment or two.

Liposuction Average cost: $2,859

Want to get rid of your excess tummy or double chin? You don’t have to worry anymore because liposuction will be the perfect procedure for that. Liposuction sucks out the fat — permanently — and then the skin shrinks. According to research, patients undergoing cosmetic liposuction procedures report significant improvements in self-esteem and quality of life. About 86 percent of people who had the procedure said they were happier after the surgery from a study. However, don’t wait too long deciding whether to undergo the operation or not because once you get older, the liposuction will not be that effective.

Face-Lift Average cost: $6,426

Want to look six years younger than you are now? Face-lift will do it for you. The best results are from surgery on people between the ages of 40 and 60. If you wait too long, you may not be as pleased with the results, and the lift is unlikely to last the 10 years surgeons say it should, according to a recent study reported by Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Have you decided what procedure to use? It’s up to you now to make a move and make it happen! But do not forget to choose your surgeon wisely. It’s better to select a plastic surgeon with plenty of experience and a blemish-free record to protect yourself from bungled operations.

Cosmetic Surgery Options
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Live The Anti-Aging Lifestyle

People have devised so many ways to look younger. Like not eating processed foods, using antiaging products, avoiding processed foods, etc. If you want to look young forever but is clueless as what to do don’t worry because there are about a hundred ways to impede aging up fast and these are just a few of them:

Fire up your knowledge

Doing exercises for your brain can really help a lot to avoid aging up fast because it keeps the brain from being inactive. According to a study, educated women are less likely to have Alzheimer’s disease. Keep your brain active to pave way for new neurological pathways. You can read a book, learn new instruments, or if you have all the time in the world, you could try to memorize all the countries’ capitals.

Try to sleep as much as you can

Who knew that sleep could really prolong one’s life? According to a study conducted by Roizen and Oz, people who lack sleep are most likely to experience heart attack and are prone to stroke. Aside from that, it can also cause stress to a person. However, those who have eight hours of sleep will definitely be good for your health and will do a good job at keeping your anger and stress at bay.

Lack of sleep can also make your skin look old!

Choose your foods carefully

Have you ever heard of the saying “You are what you eat?” For of those of you who don’t know what it means, the saying simply suggests that the condition of your health reflects your nutritional value. If you eat healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, protein rich foods, etc. then you will definitely have a healthier life. But if you eat too much sweets like chocolates, cakes, candies then there is a chance that you will get high blood sugar level which is very dangerous for your health.

Move your body!

Don’t just sit around there all day! Try to stand up and move your body. Exercise can increase your blood flow which is good for your brain. Did you know that exercise also helps your brain to secrete serotonin which is known for its ability to fight depression? Aside from that, exercise also leads to a faster heart beat which allows more oxygen to be circulated throughout your body. So what are you waiting for? Stop sitting around the corner and start moving your body! To make it enjoyable, try to convince your friends to join you.

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Good Anti-Aging Supplements

Nobody stays young for eternity. But the use of antiaging supplements claims that it would add years to your life. Due to this claim, the use of antiaging supplements nowadays has been rampant. It cannot be denied that most people just wanted to stay young forever. However, there are still some who question the capability of antiaging supplements to slow down the process of aging. Well, if you are really determined to attain a youthful face for eternity, you should give these supplements a try. Who knows? You might even live 5-10 years longer.

Coenzyme Q-10

Ubiquinone or commonly known as C0Q10 is a necessary nutrient in body cell function. It helps to convert fat and sugar into energy in the mitochondria. As people age , the production of Ubiquinone declines. Research shows that the use of Coenzyme Q-10 protects the walls of mitochondria and may prevent the decline of Ubiquinone levels.

COQ10 has proven effective for cardiac patients as well. Especially in the elderly where the tolerance to surgery is not as high as in younger patients. For more information see: https://books.google.com/books?isbn=1402013698


This is commonly known as the “red wine” medicine. Resveratrol is polyphenol that is found in the skin of berries and grapes. Research found out that taking this medicine will help in avoiding some health problems caused by fatty foods. Who couldn’t resist the temptation of delectable fatty foods? Just from watching a movie, we already stuff so many junk foods in our mouth and we end up having a fatty liver. But resveratrol is here to save the day.

Forbes magazine did a story on Resveratrol. Quoting “Resveratrol is a very powerful chemical that seems to protect against the body’s inflammatory process as it relates to aging, cognition and hearing loss.” Read More


This popular spice in India, used as a food coloring for curry, is a member of the ginger family and is proven to be protective and anti-inflammatory antioxidant. According to a study conducted in Singapore in year 2006, people who ate curry often got higher scores on their mental health tests than those who never ate curry. Have you gotten tired of doing the same rituals and never getting any satisfactory scores? Then try something scientific. Search for recipes with ingredients containing turmeric and see a considerable increase in your grades.


These help make up the nutritional deficit in your diet. Research found out that this could lead to a longer life. A study in National Health Study found out that women who take multivitamins have longer telomere which is associated to health and youth. While shorter telomere is associated with death and aging. One of the leading causes of aging is nutritional deficiency. If you think your diet is not comprehensive enough, then you should definitely try multivitamins. From the term itself, multivitamins can fill your body with a couple of vitamins without the hassle of buying a lot of capsules.

Skin Treatments That Make You Look Younger

Have you ever dreamt of having the face of your favorite movie star? Have you ever wished of looking young for the rest of your life? Well, going under cosmetic surgical procedure is definitely the best way to turn your dreams into reality! Nowadays, cosmetic operations have been widespread worldwide. Obviously, most of us want to look young forever. Who wouldn’t? Just a little tweak over your nose or a little pinch in your cheek bones and abracadabra you already attained the immortality of youth. If you are already sure that you want to undergo a cosmetic operation, don’t worry because there are a lot of procedures to choose from depending on your budget.

Botox Injections
Average cost: $365

Do you have a wrinkle on your face that you wanted to get rid of? Well according to some surgeons, this operation is one of the most effective and cheap solution. This procedure is also good for getting rid of skin bands on the neck. Botox procedure doesn’t last very long however, it can be repeated every four or five months.

Chemical peel, microdermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing
Average Cost: Chemical peel: $653 Microdermabrasion: $141 Laser skin resurfacing: $1,223 to $2,169

Having “Solar Lentigines” or commonly known as “Liver spots” can be really annoying. That is why, chemical peel was invented. This procedure takes off the top layer of skin and gives you a more youthful glow. It is advisable that sun exposure should be minimized after undergoing this procedure.

If you are looking for a cheaper solution, microdermabrasion is the right procedure for you. This scrapes off the top layer of your skin so it looks younger and smoother. Still not satisfied? Then maybe it’s time for you to try laser skin resurfacing. The surgeon uses a laser to send pulsating beams of light at irregular skin. He removes a layer a time, gets rid of everything that is from wrinkles to the enlarged pores and the skin which is discolored by much exposure to the sun.

These are two ways a cosmetic surgeon may be able to help your skin look a little younger.