Good Anti-Aging Supplements

Nobody stays young for eternity. But the use of antiaging supplements claims that it would add years to your life. Due to this claim, the use of antiaging supplements nowadays has been rampant. It cannot be denied that most people just wanted to stay young forever. However, there are still some who question the capability of antiaging supplements to slow down the process of aging. Well, if you are really determined to attain a youthful face for eternity, you should give these supplements a try. Who knows? You might even live 5-10 years longer.

Coenzyme Q-10

Ubiquinone or commonly known as C0Q10 is a necessary nutrient in body cell function. It helps to convert fat and sugar into energy in the mitochondria. As people age , the production of Ubiquinone declines. Research shows that the use of Coenzyme Q-10 protects the walls of mitochondria and may prevent the decline of Ubiquinone levels.

COQ10 has proven effective for cardiac patients as well. Especially in the elderly where the tolerance to surgery is not as high as in younger patients. For more information see:


This is commonly known as the “red wine” medicine. Resveratrol is polyphenol that is found in the skin of berries and grapes. Research found out that taking this medicine will help in avoiding some health problems caused by fatty foods. Who couldn’t resist the temptation of delectable fatty foods? Just from watching a movie, we already stuff so many junk foods in our mouth and we end up having a fatty liver. But resveratrol is here to save the day.

Forbes magazine did a story on Resveratrol. Quoting “Resveratrol is a very powerful chemical that seems to protect against the body’s inflammatory process as it relates to aging, cognition and hearing loss.” Read More


This popular spice in India, used as a food coloring for curry, is a member of the ginger family and is proven to be protective and anti-inflammatory antioxidant. According to a study conducted in Singapore in year 2006, people who ate curry often got higher scores on their mental health tests than those who never ate curry. Have you gotten tired of doing the same rituals and never getting any satisfactory scores? Then try something scientific. Search for recipes with ingredients containing turmeric and see a considerable increase in your grades.


These help make up the nutritional deficit in your diet. Research found out that this could lead to a longer life. A study in National Health Study found out that women who take multivitamins have longer telomere which is associated to health and youth. While shorter telomere is associated with death and aging. One of the leading causes of aging is nutritional deficiency. If you think your diet is not comprehensive enough, then you should definitely try multivitamins. From the term itself, multivitamins can fill your body with a couple of vitamins without the hassle of buying a lot of capsules.